"Developing Coaching Best Practice in Organisations"

A Conference Series from The UK ICF

This conference series is specifically for people within organisations who are using or looking to use coaching to achieve organisational objectives and goals.

These events provide an excellent opportunity to listen to case studies from leading organisations and to meet fellow professionals looking to solve the same issues as you.

Why this type of conference from the ICF?

The ICF is the professional body for coaching and is actively working to move forward professional standards in coaching. While many people who attend these conferences will be Executive Coaches themselves, the focus of these events will be on the practicalities of putting in place programmes, choosing coaches, calculating benefits and ROI, and overall gaining the benefits that coaching can offer organisations.

These events also give the ICF the opportunity to explain the value it can offer in the form of providing a professional framework, an ethical framework, and an independent professional ‘credential status’ for professional coaches.






























Human Technics


Conferences Schedule

19th June 2008, Bristol Zoo
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10th October 2007, Regents College London - (this event has now happened)
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13th June 2007, Bristol Zoo - (this event has now happened)
To Read about this Event Click Here

More information about the UK ICF can be found on the ICF UK main website: www.coachfederation.org.uk





































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